V&C specializes in aluminum highway railings.  We’ll help you design one, or we can design one for you; Designs that reflect the architect’s and owner’s intent.  Landscape architects can expect exceptional service and a studied effort to integrate the railings with your project’s theme.   

Most of our systems are designed to reduce installation time and site costs.  Most are designed to prevent tampering; special precautions can eliminate urban theft problems. 

You can have confidence in the quality of Valentine railing systems, not only in the way the system looks, but in the system’s performance.

Valentine will manufacture railing systems to print or design a new system for your city, state or project.  We produce shop drawings that bridge the gap between ’concept solicitation drawings’ and the product detail that is needed for fabrication and construction drawings.


Since many of our products are extruded aluminum, the customer has the option to specify an anodized finish.  While a mill finish is most commonly used on highways, anodized and painted finishes are more common in urban settings.  All are available, in any setting.


Among our newest products is the F350 Barrier line.  Both Parapet and Median Barriers are available.  These proprietary barriers are upgrades of similar barriers; these barriers significantly lower the assembly and site costs of all previous systems.

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F350 Median BarrierF350 Parapet Barrier

F350  Aluminum

 Parapet Barrier



F350  Aluminum

 Median Barrier



Construction costs of Cable Supported structures can be seriously reduced due to weight savings when using these barriers vs. steel and concrete.  Contact us for a brochure.

Lake Shore Drive, and Jackson Park to its south, use this Valentine Urban Systems Railing.                                            Notice the smooth lines………... and the hidden fasteners.

Valentine Urban Systems designs

 include Park Railings.


Here is a cast post system that uses extruded rails.

 10 structures like these are part of the Foothills Parkway in the Smoky Mountain National Park.


Ask us to design an appropriate railing system for your park.



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