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Even in the winter, and still under construction, this Bicycle Path railing is looking good.   Anodized Champagne Bronze, this design by Paul Alt of CTE-Engineering, will enhance the park for decades to come.


Count on Valentine Urban Systems railings to meet requirements of the architect and the owner.  This railing system also meets AASHTO’s performance requirements.


The Valentine themes of reduced installation effort, hidden fasteners, high quality, and performance are carried on in our pedestrian and bicycle railing projects.

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Shown above is a finished bicycle railing.


Left is the end view of the rail extrusion prior to installation of the end cap.


Right is a close up of a finished post.

We invite owner and architect inquiries.  Feel free to ask for our support of your project.  No obligation is incurred.

We can support your project with finished designs or simply help you bring your own design concept to life.  We can address:


             1.  Strength of each railing element

                           2. Conformance to AASHTO requirements

                                         3. Installation issues

                                                        4. Finish and Color availability

                                                   5. First Cost and Life Cost expenses

                                                       6.  And much more

Text Box:

This Cast Aluminum border fence stands 24 Inches high on a 6 Inch curb.

The design concept sketch is by

Wolff Clements and Associates, Ltd.



This detailed design drawing showing fabrication and metallurgy is by  Valentine & Company.

These variations on a theme are prepared to evaluate cost and manufacturability of another border fence design for a large forecourt.


The design concept is by Josephine Bellalta of Altamanu—Chicago.


Execution is by Valentine & Company